Net - Tenda A15 Range Extender Universal AC750 Dual Band Wireless 2 Antenne Esterne
         : 0 PZ

Net - Tenda A301 Range Extender 300Mbps Universal Wireless N300
         : 0 PZ

Net - Tenda NT-A9 Range Extender Universal wireless N 300Mbps Con 2 Antenne Esterne
         : 0 PZ

Net - Tenda Nova MW3 Kit 2 Ripetitore AC1200 Sistema Home Mesh WiFi Dual Band Copertura 200mq
         : 5 PZ

Net - Tenda Nova MW3 Kit 3 Ripetitore AC1200 Sistema Home Mesh WiFi Dual Band Copertura 300mq
         : 0 PZ

Net - Tenda O3 2.4Ghz 12dBi Direzionale Wireless Outdoor 5Km Cpe Access Point 150Mbps
         : 0 PZ

Net - Tenda W312A Placca a Muro Access Point Wireless N 300 Mbps + Usb + POE
         : 12 PZ

Net - Netis WF-2403 Router Mini Wireless N 300Mbps AP-Router/AP/Client
The netis WF-2403 is dedicated to SOHO network solution and efficient mobile officing application. It’s compatible with 802.11b/g/n devices and provides the wireless transfer speed up to 300Mbps, offering a powerful performance on online gaming, video streaming, and VoIP phone calling. Compact designed, it's small enough to fit in your pocket, ideally for home and travel use. This router has a USB port and can be powered by the bundled external power adapter or via a USB connection to a computer. Moreover, it featured an external switch for you to quickly apply multi-wireless modes: AP-Router, Client, and AP.......
         : 14 PZ

Net - Netis WF2416 Router eXtender Wireless N 150Mbps
The WF2416 Wireless N Portable Router has wireless N speed at 150Mbps and excellent signal range to create a highly efficient mobile office or entertainment network in no time. Small design suited to providing robust wireless networking to travelers, students, or anyone else for work or play. With a Wi-Fi Extender/APR slide switch allows users to get wireless Internet access easily in different environment. Under Wi-Fi Extender mode, it's so easy to setup the wireless extender by pushing the WPS button.......
         : 221 PZ